The Virtuals

Welcome to The Virtuals website! We take from a variety of musical influences and record all of our music in our home studio in Monterey, California. Here you will find tour dates, music and video links, and more ~ peace & love

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The Virtuals

The Virtuals, an exciting new band making waves in Monterey, California, create hip-shakin', irresistible, beat-driven rock n roll. Come ready to groove, because their original tunes are likely to get you on the dance floor. Inspired by both the fluid instrumentations of the Grateful Dead and the concise, pop sensibilities of The Beatles, the hot young group has garnered a musical energy and community within the peninsula. 

Founded by longtime friends hailing from Texas, Al Kent and Joe Montoya, The Virtuals became whole when they met musicians Jake Padorr and Jacob "Gonzo" Butora-Gonzalez during the 50th Anniversary Monterey Pop Festival, where musical tastes coalesced and vibes meshed.

Their debut single, "All I Want to Do Is Dance", is an introduction to their psychedelic, twangy, dance party: